DISNADIET starts with the Blog, and what better way to start than to interview the General Director, Eduardo Fernández, to understand what it is and what we can find in this company. For this, we have gone to the offices, in Humanes, where he has received us in his office.

  • Good morning, well, first of all we would like to know who Eduardo Fernández is.

– Good Morning! Well, the truth is that it is difficult to answer that question for me, perhaps it would be better to ask the rest of the company – he answers with a laugh. – I suppose that Eduardo Fernández is a normal person but at the same time he decided to risk and go for what he truly dreamed of, having his own company. And 25 years later I can say that I am still doing what I like and with the same enthusiasm.

  • What is DISNADIET?

– Disnadiet is one of the best known companies nationwide in the distribution of Food Supplements, Ecological Products and Natural and Bio Cosmetics. We distribute several brands of recognized prestige and leadership within our market.

  • How did the idea for this company come about?

– It all started because I worked for an importer of products in Spain and I started with the representation in Madrid of the brand of a Dutch company which, a few years later, decided to break the import contract with the company where I worked for what I was left jobless. That was when I thought and said to myself “Why not? Now or never!” So I called Holland to request a meeting with the Sales Director of this brand at their offices. Without thinking twice, I took a plane and there I stood in front of that serious man – he remembers smiling.

– I explained to him the reason for the meeting and my desire to continue representing the brand, which with my greater or lesser effort I had managed to place in the Madrid market. After a long meeting of 5 hours, I finally left Holland with the representation in Madrid as a freelancer and in the third year I formed Disnadiet Productos Dietéticos.

  • How does DISNADIET stand out from the rest of the companies?

– Our company stands out mainly for its human team and for its great achievements. We are the only distribution company nationwide that controls and distributes three temperatures (Room Temperature, Refrigerated and Frozen).

  • What do the products you sell contribute today?

– Every time people decide to take care of themselves more and eat healthier. But not only in food, but they also want to use organic products, such as natural cosmetics, or herbal medicine that help them with a problem on a day-to-day basis. Little by little we are more aware of the importance of everything we eat or use on our skin to be healthy and safe for the body. In addition, we also offer a variety of gluten-free products for all those people with celiac disease or those who want to eat a diet without this protein.

  • How did DISNADIET start? How many were you? How has the staff been growing?

– Disnadiet was founded in October 1995 and was formed by 3 people, Charo in Administration, Fermín in warehouse and distribution, and I visiting clients. After two years we were already 6 people and thus we gradually grew until we became the 20 that make up the current team.

  • What motivates you day by day to continue in this sector?

– Undoubtedly the passion for my work, the day-to-day challenges and of course the belief that we are still in a highly prospective sector in which great things can be done in the near future.

  • Finally, could you tell us a bit about the products of which you are manufacturers?

– Of course! As our own brands we have HX NUTRITION and HX NATURE, dedicated to sports nutrition; ASERCELI, with a wide variety of gluten-free products; BIOGREEN, specialized in Superfoods and ecological preserves and HCF LABORATORIOS, where Phytotherapy is manufactured for various disorders such as joint pain or digestive problems.

So we have a bit of everything! But we do not rule out that in the future we will invent something else – he says with a laugh.

  • Well, thank you very much for your time Eduardo, and for making it clear to us what DISNADIET is.

– A pleasure and thanks to you!